Flynn, Kossick & Associates, Inc. (FK&A) typical engagement begins with the development of a customized go-to-market strategy for our clients, followed immediately by tactical, revenue targeted, sales driven activities.

Creating a Customized Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Our engagement begins with a site visit to our new client's headquarters or other appropriate facility to begin the process of understanding our client's current solution set - their capabilities, products and services, current customers and contracts;

  • At this point we are able to research and identify the market for these capabilities in state and local government, and help "brand" these capabilities accordingly for this market;

  • Our research includes the identification and documentation of major S&L IT initiatives which are currently being planned, funded, and which will utilize our client's solution set, and finally

  • Our Strategic Marketing efforts are documented, produced, and presented in a Go-to-Market Strategic Plan to our client's executive team for their review and approval.

Tactical Sales Driven Activities

Upon completion of our Strategic Marketing plan, we transition to in effect becoming a member of our client sales teams identifying specific procurement opportunities and driving revenues for our clients:

  • We help arrange and assist with meeting presentation(s) with appropriate state and local government officials;

  • We help arrange and assist with meeting presentation(s) with potential partners, systems integrators, DVBE's, private organizations, etc.;

  • As critical members of your Red/Capture Team, we advise and assist our clients throughout the individual procurement process life cycle from RFI/RFP, through proposal review, and during evaluation process, and finally

  • We coordinate regular/weekly sales opportunity review sessions with our clients to ensure continued focus on specific activities to drive expected results.


"FK&A helped increased our company's state IT revenues last year by over 100%."
"We would never have been able to partner with, and be included on proposal teams with large state IT systems integrators in California without their crucial involvement."
"FK&A was able to focus our marketing and sales efforts by identifying specific, targeted business opportunities in the State of California."

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