Executive Seminars

A significant tool in our clients' portfolio is their ability to attract interest in their companies' expertise and solution set from government leaders, and the individual meetings which FK&A arranges, and preps our clients for are, of course, critical.

However, a rigorous, focused lead-generation program which complements such one-on-one meetings to identify procurement opportunities would include our successful formula for attracting IT decision makers to executive seminars.

Highlighting your solution set, in a comfortable, attractive, non-sales oriented, "good government" themed event in front of the undivided attention of genuine state & local government IT decision makers, is a critical component for success in this marketplace.

Though it may sound simple, attracting that right crowd of IT decision makers, and getting them in their seats, and resulting in serious, follow-up meeting commitments which is the primary objective of these affairs requires a certain expertise, diplomacy and marketing savvy few organizations can bring to the table. FK&A is one of them.

We assist with development of a compelling theme, the business problem(s) to be addressed, the identification and arrangement of a state & local government leader to keynote and kick-off the program, and expert panelists and other participants from government to examine best practices and lessons learned. And of course the agenda is highlighted by a presentation of our client's solution set which has solved the business challenge presented. Capping it off we assume primary responsibility for driving attendance with the right personnel to these events.


FK&A created, produces and hosts a regular Webcast which focuses on public sector IT and politics. The award winning TechLeader.TV (TLTV) established in 2006 includes an interview on each program with a government IT executive leader attracting several thousand viewers to each show.

TLTV guests have included every California State CIO for the last decade including Clark Kelso, Teri Takai, acting CIO Christy Quinlan, and Carlos Ramos; every OTech Director, and the CIO's from DMV, FTB, Board of Equalization, Health Services, Prison Health care and DOJ; as well as program directors from the Office of Systems Integration, the Chief Information Security Officer, Procurement, LAO and the California Emerging Technology Fund, among many others.

Our Website in addition to the Webcast provides a provocative and compelling analysis blog of the state & local government IT landscape, particularly California's, and we expect to attract over 100,000 visitors to the site in 2011. Each of our clients is a duly credited sponsor with acknowledgement announced during the Webcast, along with their logo prominently displayed on our Website and the thousands of email program announcements each month which target nearly 1,000 California state IT employees and the IT vendor community, plus the leadership in other state capitols across the U.S.

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