Having a compelling IT solution set and the proper government contract vehicles are certainly important factors for generating sales in the government marketplace. One other ingredient, however, that is just as critical as the previous two is an experienced and successful sales team. With our vast experience and established relationships in the government industry; Flynn, Kossick & Associates can help you staff your go-to-market sales organization.

We have a knack for bringing together the right candidate for a particular position based on our clients' requirements. Recently a System Integration firm contracted with us to help them add a seasoned Account Manager to their team. The qualifications that they were looking for included; a proven sales track record, the ability to manage profit & loss projections, and the aptitude to manage their local office. We hand-picked a candidate who was currently employed by another firm and was not in the process of looking to make a change. This person's capabilities matched exactly the expectations of our client and the opportunity for our candidate was too good to pass up. The hiring process was completed in less than 30 days.

Whether your organization is an SI, hardware or software supplier, or a services vendor, FK&A specializes in identifying solid, successful and seasoned account reps with years of experience selling into the state and local government marketplace. With these individuals who are tied in to the government IT community enabling them to hit the ground running, your organization can mitigate the typical "new hire" learning curve, and jumpstart to the all-important revenue-driving phase.

FK&A knows the state IT community:

  • Matches clients' personnel requirements with seasoned, experienced prospects.
  • Shortens selection process by finding the right person for your assignment.
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