When approaching the state and local government marketplace it is imperative to understand and leverage the appropriate procurement vehicles that compliment a company's solution set. Unlike any other industry, the government is very structured in how they purchase technology.

The good news is that government procurement for the most part is very transparent with many websites that describe in some detail their purchasing procedures. They don't however, tell you which contracts are appropriate for your products and services, nor do they inform you as to how to leverage their use with government customers.

Flynn, Kossick & Associates has done extensive research into states' procurement vehicles throughout the nation. From software to hardware to professional services, we have a unique understanding not only of contracts that are available but are also well versed in which ones to pursue and how to leverage them once attained.

For example, the State of California uses a variety of purchasing contracts including WSCA, CMAS, CSSI, Software Licensing Program, Master Agreements, RFP's and more. Navigating this bureaucracy can be daunting without some expert help. Furthermore, many individual agencies, particularly non-executive departments, develop their individual consultant procurement schedules, sometime referred to as spring fed pools. We track these unique procurement opportunities, and work with our clients to ensure their application, and inclusion therein.

In summary, we can help you understand the best contracts available for your solution set, the dollar thresholds associated with them, the terms and conditions mandated with their use, and the application process used to capture the contracts that you desire. Procurement vehicles have been described as a ticket to get on the bus. With Flynn, Kossick & Associates' help, you can drive the bus.

Procurement Vehicle Samples:

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