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Flynn, Kossick & Associates, Inc. (FK&A) is the premier business development,
strategic marketing, tactical sales, event coordinator, executive staffing organization, and state certified small business enterprise serving the public sector IT vendor community from its headquarters in Sacramento, California.

• Our experienced principals work with our clients to:

  • Advance their organizations' success in the state and local (S&L) government IT marketplace with primary focus within the State of California, though our reach is on a national basis;

  • Identify, productize, brand and enhance our clients' solution set for the state and local marketplace.

  • Identify major S&L IT initiatives which are currently being planned and funded, and which will utilize our clients' solution set, and

  • Identify specific procurement opportunities for this solution set, and as part of our clients' red team/capture team assisting in the process of qualifying those opportunities, leading to contract award.

• FK&A is an officially Certified Small Business Enterprise in California providing IT equipment, software, products and services to various state agencies.

• FK &A specializes in marketing activities for our clients including:

  • Executive seminars targeting state & local government IT decision makers, and

  • TechLeader.TV (TLTV), a monthly Webcast which focuses on public sector IT and politics.

FK&A also assists our clients in securing appropriate, timely, and comprehensive certification on procurement schedules to facilitate their bidding opportunities.

Finally, FK&A also has a proven track record in identifying and matching qualified and experienced executives with technology firms which are focused on the state and local government IT marketplace.

Perhaps what is most unique about FK&A is our ability to "bundle" all these services above into a unified consulting services program, offering our clients an unparalleled level of market awareness and publicity, strategic planning and sales activities.

FK&A was founded by John Thomas Flynn and Jeff Kossick in 2008. Mr. Flynn was the first CIO for both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the State of California; and was President of the National Association of State CIO's (NASCIO).

Mr. Kossick is a Senior Corporate Executive with more than 20 years' experience with the Hewlett-Packard Company successfully selling into the State of California IT market. Covering southern California is Senior Associate Jon Fullinwider, the former CIO of both San Diego and Los Angeles Counties.


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